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Our Family's Quest
to Start a Family Farm

Meet the Shrum Family 
3 Generations

Dave & Mary Shrum

Generation 1 - Grandparents

Dave and Mary Shrum both grew on small family farms in Indiana.  On the farm they learned a strong work ethic and a love for farm life.  They helped with milking cows, gardening, making hay, and other farm chores.  Mary even showed pigs in 4-H.  After graduating from high school and college, they married and left the farm to pursue careers and raise a family including four children.  Through the years they lived in California, Texas, and eventually ended up near Mooresville, North Carolina.  Over the years they would often tell their children stories of their youth on the farm.  They would also go for regular visits to Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom's farm in Indiana.  Sometimes they would wonder what it might have been like if they had stayed on the farm.  As the old saying goes, "you can take the girl out of the farm - but you can't take the farm out of the girl"!

Joe & Rebekah Shrum - Generation 2

David, Addy, Tucker, & Eli Shrum - Generation 3

Joe Shrum is Dave and Mary's third child.  Of all their children, Joe loved to hear all the old farm stories over and over.  He especially enjoyed the visits to Aunt Pat and Uncle Tom's farm.  When he was ten years old, Uncle Tom invited Joe to spend his summer vacation on the farm - Joe could raise and show some 4-H pigs.  Joe had a great time that summer raising pigs, driving tractors, and even getting to drive an old beat-up manual shift pickup truck in the field.  He came home with his own farm stories and he went on to visit Uncle Tom's farm for several summers.  This was where the first seeds were planted.

Fast forward several years - after high school Joe went to college and served time in the Military.  He married Rebekah and started a family.  He pursued a career in the insurance field and Rebekah taught high school science.  Both Joe and Rebekah shared a dream of raising their four children (David, Addy, Tucker, and Eli) on a farm.

A Dream is Born  -  A Plan is Hatched

At the same time that Joe and Rebekah were dreaming of living on a farm, Dave and Mary were nearing retirement age and were yearning to return to the simple life they remembered from their youth on the farm.  It would not be an easy transition, but together the two families hatched a plan to make the move possible.  It would require both families to sell their suburban homes and for Joe and Rebekah to relocate their jobs.  Together they would search for the right property to start our farm.  This began a quest that would take nearly four years.  In 2019 they purchased 65 acres in Surry County, North Carolina and Corner Post Farm was born. Today we are living our dream on the most beautiful 65 acres we could have ever imagined - three generations of family together starting a farm.  It is proving to be a big task with a lot of hard work, but we feel very blessed and grateful.  Our promise to you is:

"Each Day - Every Day we Intentionally set out to Produce the Best Possible Food for Our Family and for Your Family."    The Shrum Family


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