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Welcome to
Corner Post Farm

Mount Airy, North Carolina


Find us every Saturday and Sunday at:

Raleigh State Farmer's Market

I-40 Exit 297  -  Raleigh, NC

Naturally Grown  Fresh  Local  Humane     

Corner Post Farm is a 65 acre diversified vegetable farm owned and operated by the Shrum Family.  The farm is located in beautiful North Surry County, North Carolina just 3 miles from the Virginia state line.  We grow a wide variety of seasonal vegetables following natural practices.  We use non-GMO seeds and we only use organically approved fertilizers and pesticide methods.  We do not  use any type of herbicides. Our vegetables are harvested at their prime and brought to local markets very fresh.  Everything we sell is grown by us on our farm - direct from our farm to your table.

We also raise grass fed Angus Beef and forest raised heritage pork.  All of our animals are rotated to fresh pasture regularly and treated humanely.  Our promise to you is:


"Each Day - Every Day we Intentionally set out to Produce the Best Possible Food for our Family and for Your Family"                The Shrum Family

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Everything We Offer

Farm to Family

Local Produce

Pasture Raised

Grass Fed Angus Beef

Forest Raised


Corner Post Farm is a "Full Circle Farm"

We aim to not Overwork our Land with any one specific thing. 

Our livestock live as nature intended.  We intentionally keep the number of animals at a manageable size for our farm.  Our cattle are grass-fed and receive minerals free choice. Our pigs are forest raised.  They forage for food and are supplemented with vegetables we grow and with feed containing essential nutrients.  We use rotational grazing to make sure that our all of our animals have access to fresh pasture regularly.  This ensures clean fresh grasses for our livestock while allowing our land the time to rest and rejuvenate and improve our soil and pasture quality.

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